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Antique Gold Finishing

We provide service of gold plating to our customers which give a gold-like appearance to their products. We give a luxurious and deep finish to their decorative items. Our gold plating on various decorative products protects them from corrosion, heat, and degradation. We use an electrochemical method of gold plating and deposit a thin gold layer on metals. We ask the customers about their requirements and place a thin layer directly on the products or after coating them with other metals such as brass and nickel. Mostly we use undercoating to enhance the adhesion and quality of gold plating. We are a skilled and dedicated team to provide services of plating on decorative items, electrical appliances, aircraft, and satellite parts.
  • Well-suited for broad range of metal based surfaces
  • Timely completion in professional manner
  • Bestowed with advanced electroplating techniques
  • High conductivity
  • High corrosion & tarnish resistance
  • Wear resistance (fretting)
We provide various benefits to our clients by our gold plating service such as:
  • High resistance against corrosion and wear and tear
  • Protection from degradation
  • Enhance quality and durability
  • Protection from heat and temperature